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Convirtiendo firefox en una herramienta para auditorias de seguridad

agosto 13, 2008

Que tal, pues tal cual… un listado de diferentes addons para el firefox con las que nos facilitamos la tarea de hacer auditorias de seguridad a nuestras paginas web. Para mi una importantisima es WebDeveloper que ayuda mucho a la hora de los form tampering. En fin, cabria darles un vistazo a las herramientas del listado para ver cuales se vuelven nuestras favoritas.

- Information gathering

  • Whois and geo-location
    • ShowIP : Show the IP address of the current page in the status bar. It also allows querying custom services by IP (right mouse button) and Hostname (left mouse button), like whois, netcraft.
    • Shazou : The product called Shazou (pronounced Shazoo it is Japanese for mapping) enables the user with one-click to map and geo-locate any website they are currently viewing.
    • Geolocation : Displays Geolocation information for a website using data. Works with all versions of Firefox.
    • Active Whois : Starting Active Whois to get details about any Web site owner and its host server.
    • Bibirmer Toolbar : An all-in-one extension. But auditors need to play with the toolbox. It includes ( WhoIs, DNS Report, Geolocation , Traceroute , Ping ). Very useful for information gathering phase
  • Enumeration / fingerprinting
    • Header Spy: Shows HTTP headers on statusbar
    • Header Monitor : This is Firefox extension for display on statusbar panel any HTTP response header of top level document returned by a web server. Example: Server (by default), Content-Encoding, Content-Type, X-Powered-By and others.
  • Social engineering
    • People Search and Public Record: This Firefox extension is a handy menu tool for investigators, reporters, legal professionals, real estate agents, online researchers and anyone interested in doing their own basic people searches and public record lookups as well as background research.
  • Googling and spidering
    • Advanced dork : Gives quick access to Google’s Advanced Operators directly from the context menu. This could be used to scan for hidden files or narrow in a target anonymously (via the option) [Updated Definition. Thanks to CP author of Advanced Dork]
    • SpiderZilla : Spiderzilla is an easy-to-use website mirror utility, based on Httrack from
    • View Dependencies : View Dependencies adds a tab to the “page info” window, in which it lists all the files which were loaded to show the current page. (useful for a spidering technique)

- Security Assessment / Code auditing

  • Editors
    • JSView : The ’view page source’ menu item now opens files based on the behavior you choose in the jsview options. This allows you to open the source code of any web page in a new tab or in an external editor.
    • Cert Viewer Plus : Adds two options to the certificate viewer in Firefox or Thunderbird: an X.509 certificate can either be displayed in PEM format (Base64/RFC 1421, opens in a new window) or saved to a file (in PEM or DER format – and PKCS#7 provided that the respective patch has been applied – cf.
    • Firebug : Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page
    • XML Developer Toolbar:allows XML Developer’s use of standard tools all from your browser.
  • Headers manipulation
    • HeaderMonitor : This is Firefox extension for display on statusbar panel any HTTP response header of top level document returned by a web server. Example: Server (by default), Content-Encoding, Content-Type, X-Powered-By and others.
    • RefControl : Control what gets sent as the HTTP Referer on a per-site basis.
    • User Agent Switcher :Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser
  • Cookies manipulation
    • Add N Edit Cookies : Cookie Editor that allows you add and edit “session” and saved cookies.
    • CookieSwap : CookieSwap is an extension that enables you to maintain numerous sets or “profiles” of cookies that you can quickly swap between while browsing
    • httpOnly : Adds httpOnly cookie support to Firefox by encrypting cookies marked as httpOnly on the browser side
    • Allcookies : Dumps ALL cookies (including session cookies) to Firefox standard cookies.txt file
  • Security auditing
    • HackBar : This toolbar will help you in testing sql injections, XSS holes and site security. It is NOT a tool for executing standard exploits and it will NOT learn you how to hack a site. Its main purpose is to help a developer do security audits on his code.
    • Tamper Data : Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.
    • Chickenfoot : Chickenfoot is a Firefox extension that puts a programming environment in the browser’s sidebar so you can write scripts to manipulate web pages and automate web browsing. In Chickenfoot, scripts are written in a superset of Javascript that includes special functions specific to web tasks.

- Proxy/web utilities

  • FoxyProxy : FoxyProxy is an advanced proxy management tool that completely replaces Firefox’s proxy configuration. It offers more features than SwitchProxy, ProxyButton, QuickProxy, xyzproxy, ProxyTex, etc
  • SwitchProxy: SwitchProxy lets you manage and switch between multiple proxy configurations quickly and easily. You can also use it as an anonymizer to protect your computer from prying eyes
  • POW (Plain Old WebServer) : The Plain Old Webserver uses Server-side Javascript (SJS) to run a server inside your browser. Use it to distribute files from your browser. It supports Server-side JS, GET, POST, uploads, Cookies, SQLite and AJAX. It has security features to password-protect your site. Users have created a wiki, chat room and search engine using SJS.

- Misc

  • Hacks for fun
    • Greasemonkey : Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript (scripts could be download here)
  • Encryption
    • Fire Encrypter : FireEncrypter is an Firefox extension which gives you encryption/decryption and hashing functionalities right from your Firefox browser, mostly useful for developers or for education & fun.
  • Anti Spoof
  • refspoof : Easy to pretend to origin from a site by overriding the url referrer (in a http request). — it incorporates this feature by using the pseudo-protocol spoof:// .. thus it’s possible to store the information in a “hyperlink” – that can be used in any context .. like html pages or bookmarks


2 comentarios leave one →
  1. octubre 11, 2008 7:48 pm

    Hola Buenas Tardes:

    Complementos estan buenisimos, y estoy seguro que me ayudaran bastante con respecto a la seguridad.

    Aprovecho para preguntar donde puedo obtener un complemento que me permita recuperar mis paswords, ya que después de haber actualizado a la version anterior a 3.03 pues los perdí.

    Cualquier sugerencia será bienvenida.


  2. octubre 11, 2008 7:53 pm

    mmm … no estoy muy seguro de que se pueda… pero para la proxima a lo mejor te convendría usar el Password Exporter … pero pues en general no sabria como ayudarte jeje…salu2 y suerte, sigue visitandonos


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