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Nmap 4.75 liberado!

septiembre 10, 2008

Vaya pues revisando mi correo me topo con que nos avisan de que han liberado la versión 4.75 de Nmap, la cual parece que tiene una característica por demás interesante (aun no la he probado 😦 , igual me reservo comentarios para un tutorial del Nmap o algo asi jo jo) que trata de un mapeador de la red (Network Mapper) y con respecto a la versión 4.68 tiene alrededor de 100 mejoras. Hago un copy-paste de una parte del correo mandado por Fyodor para que le den una checada:

Hi Everyone.  I’m delighted to report the release of Nmap 4.75, which
has almost 100 significant improvements since 4.68.  Some which I’m
most excited about are:

o While Nmap stands for “Network Mapper”, it hasn’t been able to
actually draw you a map of the network–until now!  Visit for details and pretty
pictures of Zenmap’s new Scan Topology system.

o I spent much of this summer scanning tens of millions of IPs on the
Internet (plus collecting data contributed by some enterprises) to
determine the most commonly open ports.  Nmap now uses that
empirical data to scan more effectively.

And there is much more, from hundreds of new OS detection fingerprints
to many new Nmap Scripting Engine scripts and libraries.  I had no
idea how many people still used Windows 2000 until 4.68 came out
broken on that platform and I was flooded with email!  That is fixed
now.  And its just one of many bug fixes and performance improvements
in this release.  Remember that we had 7 Google SoC students working
full-time this summer, and this release includes some of their best

You can obtain Nmap 4.75 from the normal location:

Please give it a try! And if you encounter any problems, report them
to nmap-dev as described at

Here is the detailed list of important 4.75 changes from

Una captura del “Zenmap’s new Scan Topology system”:

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